Well, you can if you want to. However, it can be a lot to take on and there can be a lot of pitfalls with things such as Customs/quarantine regulations. When people get married they employ wedding planners. When you’re moving internationally it’s good to have that similar kind of support from somebody in the know. And here’s the best part – we can probably organise your move cheaper than you can. The service partners that we work with give us preferential rates, plus we do all of the shopping around and negotiating on your behalf. This means that our quote to you will be extremely competitive and it includes our full support, help and advice from the start of your move to the finish.

Yes we can – and it doesn’t cost you a penny! By conducting a survey it means that you can meet us face to face and we can see exactly what the job entails. We can also offer video surveys, so if you have a smartphone or tablet then we can meet via video link and walk around your home together that way. This can be a great solution for organising something quickly and is great for customers who are pushed for time. Just contact the expert and we’ll get something booked in.

There is always a risk when moving goods. We expose ourselves to risk every day and we counter that risk with insurance. Medical, car, home and contents, pet insurance… the list goes on and moving is no different. We can organise insurance that will cover your goods from the moment that they are collected right through to the time they are delivered, giving you absolute peace of mind during transit. Insurance is a very big part of the moving process and we will happily talk you through the options.

Very often moving a pet is a customer’s biggest concern and we completely understand that. If we organise your pet transport then you really can trust that your pet will be treated with all of the TLC that you would expect. All of the handlers that we work with are animal lovers just like you are. We also make sure that your pet will undergo health checks with a vet before they fly. Please talk to us about your pet relocation and any concerns that you have. We will put you in touch with our specialist pet relocation team and they can talk you through everything.

Of course. However, moving cars isn’t always simple and it is not always financially viable. Certain countries charge very high duties on importing vehicles and other countries require work to be carried out to the vehicle so that it meets their compliance regulations. We will be able to look into all of these things for you and give you relevant advice to assist you in making your decision. If you do decide that you are going to take your vehicle then we will make it happen.

Any! Wherever you’re moving to we will look into the safest and most effective way of getting your goods there. Most of mainland Europe is serviced by road whereas further away destinations we service by ship.

Not really. If you have a full household of goods and you’re going to live in another country then it is much more cost effective to move the goods than it is to sell them and replace them. As with most things, the more you buy (in this case space in a truck or shipping container) then the cheaper it gets per unit of space (cubic feet or cubic metre). If you really want to know the cost of moving then all you need to do is contact the expert!

Put simply: as much as possible! Even if you don’t have collection dates confirmed you can still start going through the preparation with us. With some international moves there is a fair bit of paperwork for Customs and then there are insurance documents too. Let’s get these completed way in advance so that when you do have a collection date you’ve already covered most of the red tape.

Yes. We will help you find the right currency exchange deal by contacting Foreign Exchange (Forex) Companies for you. Whether you’re looking to move the proceeds of your house sale or whether you’re moving just enough cash to get you set up at your designation, you can potentially save serious money if you’re wise about Foreign Exchange. Contact the expert and we will look into the options for you.

Any questions? Ask the expert