Foreign Exchange with Global Reach

Moving abroad? Find out how you could cover the cost of your removals.

If you’re moving abroad, you might be putting a lot of thought into removals, flights, and finding your perfect property. But how much thought have you put into how you’ll transfer your funds overseas? While you may have thought you’d just contact your local bank, many expats are now using a currency specialist to move their funds to maximise their overseas transfers and get more for their money.

While a bank can offer a currency transfer as a branch of its services, it’s unlikely to give you the most competitive rates or the personalised service you could receive from a currency specialist. We want to ensure our clients are starting their new life abroad in the best position possible, so we’ve partnered with currency specialists Global Reach, to help you make the most of your overseas transfers.

By speaking to the Global Reach Dealing team, you’ll be able to discuss your foreign exchange requirements, and have a transfer tailored to you. Not only do they offer competitive rates of exchange, but they can also lock-in an exchange rate for up to two years for you with a Forward Contract*—something that can be incredibly useful for those buying property overseas. You’ll be able to reach the Dealing team quickly whenever you need, or you can utilise their award-winning easy-to-use online platform.

Whether you want to transfer your funds for a property purchase, regular salary or pension payments, or have another reason for making one-off or frequent transfers, the Global Reach team can help you choose the best times to trade for you, taking into account events which could impact the market. During times of economic or geopolitical uncertainty, it can be incredibly useful to have an expert guide you through the market, and speaking to a currency specialist can be extremely beneficial to help you make more informed decisions. With Global Reach, you’ll also receive regular market news and rate alerts, so you can capitalise on positive market shifts or take steps to protect your funds.

It’s always worth comparing rates of exchange from banks, in comparison to other currency providers, but you may be asking yourself how much difference a few digits can make? For example, a bank may offer you a rate of 1.08 on a £250,000 transfer of Pounds into Euros, which could give you around €270,000. However, another provider such as a currency specialist may be able to offer you a rate in the region of 1.12 which could see you receive around €300,000. That means in this example, you’d have an extra €30,000, which could cover your removal costs, buy new furniture, plan and pay for trips back home, or just provide a comfortable buffer for your new life abroad, simply by using a currency specialist for your transfers. Our trusted currency partner Global Reach has helped over 25,000 people move their money abroad, and has a track record of happy customers; they even hold Feefo’s Gold Trusted Service Award.

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